About Us

About Us

Attorney’s Choice, LLC is an established, experienced Iowa Process Serving company with a knowledgeable team of employees and independent contractors.  We have been serving process since 1999 and will be in this business for the duration.  Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of Iowa Process Serving companies trying to break into the business.  Some have even tried to model their businesses after Attorney’s Choice, LLC.  Unfortunately, many of these companies don’t last because they quickly realize that there is much more to the business than grabbing a stack of legal documents, shipping them off to the first, cheapest process server they can find, and hoping for the best.  It is very difficult to provide consistent, statewide and nationwide coverage without an established network of proven servers, technology to track the work and provide updates, and an understanding of the fundamentals needed to build and sustain a successful business.  Fortunately, Attorney’s Choice, LLC. has all of this in place and our team is ready and willing to help!

We model our business after other successful companies from various industries by utilizing a team approach, with strong leadership, effective division of labor, and complete utilization of our collective group of resources.  We embrace technology and manage our work flow in a way that allows us to take on a very high volume without compromising service levels.

In the office, we have dedicated staff to handle phone calls, perform data entry, and follow up on outstanding files.  In the field, our servers are assigned jobs by zip code, allowing each to focus on a specific territory and make numerous, frequent attempts on their assigned cases.  We feel this is the most efficient and effective system for ensuring that all aspects of the work get the attention they deserve.  We utilize the strengths of multiple, diverse team members and let each do what they do best.

While we employ the same strategies as much larger businesses to gain efficiencies and handle high volumes, we are still small enough to give each customer individual, personalized service.  We strive to provide exceptional customer service at all times and build lasting relationships with each of our clients.

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